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About Drill Bit Labs

Elevating the practice

At Drill Bit Labs, our mission is to advance the practice of user experience research and its impact on the organizations we serve. We believe in the power of data-driven design to unlock the true potential of your products and services. 


We help you build better teams, create exceptional user experiences, and achieve stronger business outcomes. We partner with you to unlock the insights that matter most, translating them into actionable strategies for long-term success.


Pragmatic & Principled

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor best practices, informed by principles and industry benchmarks, to fit your unique context and needs. This ensures effective strategies that are both grounded and innovative.


What we believe


Rooted in a mature discipline

We move beyond fads and trends, treating UX research with the seriousness and depth it deserves. We draw upon the established principles of human factors to add rigor and scientific backing to our practices.


Drilling deeper

We're dedicated students of the craft, constantly learning and expanding our skill-sets. This passion for knowledge translates into broad expertise and thoughtful application in every engagement.


Shared success

We do more than churn out reports: we're partners in helping you realize your goals and ambitions. We believe that our field grows stronger with healthy collaborations between dedicated in-house professionals and the fresh perspectives of expert consultants.


Grounded optimism

We approach our work with sensible idealism. While we understand the realities of today, we also envision a bright future for UX research and its impact on the digital world. This grounded optimism fuels our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Meet the Lab

About the name

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”
– Theodore Levitt

Drawing inspiration from the Jobs to Be Done framework, “Drill Bit” reflects a focus on outcomes and flexibility in achieving them. We know it’s the “hole,” not the drill bit, that counts.

Like a skilled craftsperson choosing the right tool for the job, we draw upon a diverse toolkit of consulting services, user research expertise, and coaching and training programs. We precisely tailor our approach to your unique situation for the most impact.

Lawton Pybus, PhD

Principal & Co-Founder

Lawton is a Principal and co-founder of Drill Bit Labs. With a background in human factors, he has prior experience leading UX research teams at UserTesting, UserZoom, and MeasuringU, and executing research on teams at Charles Schwab and Cabela's. He is the author of The ¼” Hole and regularly speaks at industry conferences like UXPA.

Thomas Stokes, PhD

Principal & Co-Founder

Thomas is a Principal and co-founder of Drill Bit Labs. His prior experience includes user experience and digital strategy consulting at UserTesting, UserZoom, and WillowTree, and product research for RedHat, Fulcrum Labs, and Gilero. He is the author of The UXR's Annotations, speaks at industry conferences, and is a regular at local UX meetups in Raleigh, NC.

Ready to drill deeper?

Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you to create exceptional user experiences and achieve your business goals.

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