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Advancing the practice of user research

We help product development teams to level-up their processes, enhance their user experiences, and influence their businesses.
Our Services

Bring out the best research from your team

Consulting & Advising

Improve your team's UX processes & digital strategy. We partner with team leaders to audit maturity, identify growth areas, and craft custom strategies to optimize structure, processes, and tools for lasting impact and continuous improvement.

Research Services

Make confident design decisions, optimize digital experiences, and make changes less risky. We deliver full-service user research projects that inform design decisions and demonstrate positive outcomes.

Training & Education

Cultivate UX knowledge and research expertise on your team. We deliver workshops and courses on UX research topics like mixed-methods designs, measurement techniques, ROI calculations, and more.

About Drill Bit Labs

Our expertise is informed by theory and practice

User experience isn't a buzzword. It's a deeply-rooted discipline that's been delivering value to organizations for decades. Our background in cognitive science and human factors has been informing our approach to UX research with Fortune 500 companies and startups for over 10 years.


"Lawton Pybus was my research team lead. For many years, he and his team provided turn-key research at T-Mobile. He provided regular status reports and led weekly planning meetings. I liked too that Lawton kept an even keel. He knew his experience, knowledge, and team could deliver. He had a can-do attitude; yet, knew what was realistic and to push back gently when it was not feasible. When blockers or challenges came up, Lawton was quick to suggest solutions that got us unstuck."

Hugh McLoone

Sr. Manager, UX Researcher, T-Mobile

"With his experience and expertise, Thomas is able to balance the macro and micro-level decisions important to building any research practice at any company. From driving UXR strategy toward high-leverage business objectives, to diving into the weeds as needed in order to guide moderation guides or detailed analysis plans. I’ve always found him an absolute joy to work with, knowledgeable of both the craft and the business, and always astute in his ability to effectively coach others."

Devin Harold

Head of Design Research, Capital One

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